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The Proposition - Jack/Owen

I didn't mean to be first to post, but here you go.
It's romance season.

The Proposition

Author: Lilithangel


Fandom: Torchwood

Characters: Jack/Owen

Genre: harlequin romance

Rating/Warnings: for a Mature audience contains m/m sexual situations and bad language (it's Owen after all).

Summary: for the tw_harlequin challenge (the prompt I chose is at the end).

Jack’s back things are as back to normal as Torchwood can get. Jack is run down and tired from the year that never was and when Owen does something else to drive him crazy Jack decides he needs a break and Owen should be the one to ensure it happens. Jack expected to be amused by how Owen dealt with it he didn’t expect to be bored.

Owen had coped surprisingly well with Jack’s disappearance and assuming the mantle of leadership. When Jack orders him to organise a week’s break making him responsible for everything he decides it is time to prove to Jack that he is capable. He just didn’t expect Jack to decide that seducing him was the best way to relax.

“Owen, what happened?” Jack said when he saw the report on his screen.

“When?” Owen asked not looking up from his own computer.

“When the Talgorn visited,” Jack said biting back a groan. It had taken him years to work out the treaty with the alien race and it now appeared that Owen had ruined everything with an ill-timed comment.

“How was I to know that gender pronouns were a huge insult?”

“Possibly by reading the protocol reports Ianto spent hours writing up…”

“We were busy and you weren’t here,” Owen replied reminding Jack pointedly of his earlier absence.

“Well you should have found the time this is going to take me weeks to sort out.”

Owen rolled his eyes and returned to his work. They had all worked to the best of their abilities after Jack’s disappearance. Trying to balance looking for their captain while keeping the Rift under control had nearly broken the team, but they managed.

He knew he was largely responsible for what had happened with the Rift but he also knew he would do it all again, except maybe shooting Jack. That hadn’t been one of his better ideas. He knew now that Jack couldn’t die but then he hadn’t, then he had really wanted Jack dead. At least for those few dark hours when it felt like his world had ended.

He had tried to make up for it by keeping the Hub running, keeping the team together with Ianto’s grudging help. Waiting for when Jack would return. So it wasn’t really surprising that they all cracked at times and caused a few interplanetary diplomatic rows.

So when Jack returned they had all happily gone back to their old roles. Gwen as Jack’s best friend and confidant, Tosh as the computer genius position she was most comfortable with, Ianto as the logistics manager, butler shag that he was so good at being, and Owen as the arrogant genius doctor that he was.

It was a harder role to maintain these days but he didn’t really know where he stood with Jack and chose to keep his head down. That was pretty much a guarantee in Owen’s book that the first thing Jack would look at would be the disaster with the Talgorn.

* * * * *

Jack sighed and rolled his shoulders to shift the stiffness. Six hours on a conference call with the leader of the Talgorn had finally smoothed things over after two weeks solid of negotiating.

It would have gone faster if Ianto hadn’t come down with some form of alien flu. Owen had quarantined him with strict orders that nobody make physical contact, even Jack. It appeared to be highly contagious and even if Jack couldn’t be killed that didn’t mean he couldn’t be a carrier.

Jack had then decided that Owen would replace Ianto in as many roles as possible although he had been quite vocal about not filling every role. Jack hadn’t minded although he did miss Ianto’s coffee, the rest he could live without. At least for a few weeks.

Gwen and Tosh had taken over most of the field work and been very successful at it. They had taken great glee at leaving their mess for Owen to clean up though and Jack had found he spent a lot of evenings in the Hub with Owen as company. It had been surprisingly bearable even if he never intended to tell Owen that.

Owen hated Captain Jack Harkness with every fibre of his tired body. He had a greater respect for Ianto now and he hated the Welshman almost as much as the captain. If Ianto wasn’t so bloody efficient Owen wouldn’t have so much to do. Like bringing Jack his tenth cup of coffee in as many hours after battling the demon machine that Ianto loved so much.

“Well that’s another world ending crisis dealt with,” Jack said taking the coffee from Owen.

“Good then I can go back to my real work,” Owen said.

“Nope, not until Ianto gets back. You said another two weeks didn’t you?”

“Then light duties for another two,” Owen said with a groan.

“Jack, you look like you could do with a holiday,” Gwen said entering the office, “you’re exhausted.”

“The Rift doesn’t take a holiday,” Jack said grimacing as he sipped at Owen’s coffee.

“Actually it does in a way,” Gwen said. “Tosh ran some numbers and it seems that for a couple of weeks around about now the Rift is at its most stable.”

“Hardly any activity to speak of in the last hundred years of data,” Tosh added joining them.

“This isn’t a spontaneous idea then?” Jack said.

“Nope,” Gwen agreed, “Tosh and I were talking and you haven’t really relaxed since you got back. You need a holiday. We can cope for a week while you recharge your batteries.”

“I take it nobody cares how tired I am,” Owen groused.

“You’d be right,” Gwen said.

“I’ve got a better idea,” Jack said staring at Owen thoughtfully, “when Ianto comes back I’ll take a week, but Owen will be responsible for making sure I completely relax for that week.”

“I’ll what?” Owen nearly choked on the words.

“If I hadn’t had to fix up the mess with the Talgorn I wouldn’t be anywhere near as stressed. So the way I see it since I fixed your mess you owe me,” Jack said with a grin. “So you can give me a week of relaxation with no stress.”

“You have got to be bloody kidding,” Owen said walking out of the room.

“You are kidding aren’t you Jack?” Gwen added in worried tones.

“What do you mean by that?” Owen stopped.

“Let’s face it Owen,” Tosh said, “you’re not exactly the restful type.”

“So you don’t think I could do it?”

“Well no,” Gwen said bluntly. “The last thing Jack needs is you trying to relax him. He’ll come back even more stressed than he left.”

“One week of complete relaxation and then we’re even?” Owen asked staring directly at Jack.

“No emergencies, no phones just a week of peace and quiet and then we’re even,” Jack agreed.

“You’re on,” Owen said glaring at the girls and daring them to comment.

Gwen and Tosh shared a look and then left. “I’ll bet only one of them comes back,” Gwen whispered to Tosh.

“Yeah, but which one?” Tosh whispered back.

Owen ignored the whispers and stared at Jack who folded his arms and sat back with a small smile. “I’ll plan it for when Ianto’s back then,” he said and left the office.

Jack had to question his own sanity at what he was suggesting, but it might be entertaining to see what Owen considered a relaxing holiday if nothing else.

* * * * *

“Ready?” Owen asked Jack after the morning briefing.

“Ready,” Jack replied indicating his backpack on the floor.

“Let’s get on with it then.”

Owen had stayed completely quiet about what he had planned for Jack’s holiday no matter how much the girls and later Ianto had pushed for information. He was well aware of the bets all three and Jack had laid about what was going to happen and even more determined to prove them all wrong.

“We’ll take my car and I’m driving,” Owen said picking up Jack’s backpack and heading for the door.

“You’re all absolutely sure?” Jack asked the rest of the team.

“Go,” Ianto said with a grin, “and try not to kill him straight away.”

They drove in silence. Jack out of curiosity at this quiet focused version of Owen and Owen because he was running his plans through his head one last time.

“What?” Owen demanded when he realised Jack was watching him.

“You’re not normally this quiet about anything,” Jack replied.

“I was thinking.”

“You talk to yourself during autopsies.”

“That’s for the evidence recording,” Owen said, “and I didn’t think you paid that much attention.”

“I pay a lot of attention,” Jack replied obscurely offended that Owen would think he didn’t.

Owen opened his mouth to say something in retaliation and then closed it again. The brief was to keep Jack relaxed. Arguing with him before the week had even begun was not the way to do that.

“Would you like to listen to some music?” he asked instead.

“Sure,” Jack replied a little disappointed. He liked riling up Owen.

Owen started the CD player and Jack was surprised to hear Benny Goodman’s clarinet with Peggy Lee singing along.

“Just relax and enjoy the drive,” Owen said, “we’ve got a ways to go.”

“Where are we going?”


“Where and why?”

“In the Brecons. I found a nice place there. Good facilities and all the peace and quiet you could want. I checked and nothing unusual or mysterious has happened there in a hundred years. No strange lights or sounds, no mysterious creatures and no unexplained missing people.”

“Sounds idyllic.”

“And you sound surprised.”

“Maybe I am. So what have you got planned to entertain me?”

“You said complete rest and relaxation so that’s the plan. No phones, cell phone coverage is patchy so no emergencies. Just plenty of fresh air and golf or fishing if you are so inclined. Hearty local cuisine, wine or fresh spring water whatever is your preference.”

Jack stared at pod-Owen who sounded just like a tour guide and hadn’t suggested a pub or a strip club as part of the itinerary. He realised Owen was quite serious about giving him a relaxing week and wondered exactly what he had got himself into.

They drove up a long track to a farm with an old stone barn which Owen pulled up in front of.

“Owners said there would be a key under the mat,” Owen said, getting out of the car.

Inside the interior was warm and inviting with high ceilings and big windows looking out over the countryside. There was a cosy living area and dining room and a modern looking kitchen with an impressive coffee machine.

“Go up and choose yourself a room,” Owen said to him, “leave the bags I’ll bring them up later.”

Jack grinned and bounded up the stairs to explore. He settled on the room that would have a view of the sunsets and bounced on the bed.

“You should see the view from up here,” he said swinging down the banister and startling Owen who was sorting through a box at the table.

“You picked a room?” Owen asked closing the box abruptly.

“The back one,” Jack said eyeing the box curiously.

“Right, I’ll take the bags up then. You sit down and relax; I’ll put the coffee on when I come back down.” He tucked the box under one arm and picked up the bags manhandling everything up the stairs.

Jack suppressed the urge to help knowing it would be rebuffed and shrugged off his coat. He draped it over a chair and sprawled out on the sofa waiting to see what Owen would do to relax him.

Owen came back downstairs and pottered around the kitchen for a few minutes trying to establish where everything was and confirming everything he had ordered had arrived.

Then he put the coffee on and pulled out part of the list he had nagged out of Ianto about what Jack liked and disliked. He had gotten the list a few days earlier and then watched Jack very carefully to make sure Ianto hadn’t steered him wrong to win the office bet. He had found out the next day that Ianto had in fact bet on him bringing Jack back in one piece against Gwen and Tosh so had to believe the list.

Jack looked up from the book he was browsing to see Owen place a coffee in front of him.

“Since it’s nearly six, I thought I’d start dinner,” Owen said, “would you like water with your meal or could I tempt you to a glass of wine?”

“Since I’m on holiday I think I’ll go with the wine unless you’re trying to get me drunk?” Jack couldn’t resist a tiny flirt with the prickly doctor.

“If it would relax you then certainly,” Owen replied without rising to the bait.

Jack huffed with amusement and picked up his coffee. “Hmm,” he said taking a sip, “not bad at all.”

“I’m not the king of coffee but I know my way around a plunger if not that monstrosity at work,” Owen said smothering the spark of pleasure at Jack’s words.

Dinner was surprisingly good and a glass of nice wine had Jack in a mellow mood and he couldn’t even get the energy to tease Owen about the apron he wore to cook with.

Jack told a number of his usual amusing anecdotes and Owen laughed in the right places. After dinner Jack excused himself while Owen did the dishes. Slipping upstairs Jack found that Owen had put away all his clothes and laid out his toiletries and turned down the bed for him.

Wandering into the other bedroom Jack found Owen’s gear still in the bag next to the mysterious box. A quick peek revealed a folder of notes and brochures, CD’s and an aromatherapy kit. The notes were written in Ianto’s hand and detailed all the things Jack liked and disliked. Owen really was taking things seriously which didn’t bode well for Jack’s expected entertainment from the week. Unless he could come up with a better idea.

Day One

Jack did everything he could to frustrate Owen but the other man managed a passable imitation of Ianto no matter what Jack did.

Jack didn’t like his breakfast. Owen cleaned it up and made him a new one. Jack turned down all the things Owen suggested he do for the day. “Do I look like someone who plays golf? I never want to catch another fish even if my life depended on it, well maybe then but it doesn’t. If I wanted to read a book I could have stayed at the Hub and read your personnel file.”

Owen suggested a walk and Jack took pity on him and agreed only to make the walk last three hours before he let the visibly wilting Owen lead him back to the barn.

Dinner was a quick and quiet affair and Owen soon left Jack to his own devices and collapsed into bed.

Day Two

Owen found Jack dozing on the sofa looking like he had not gone to bed. Owen frowned but went and brewed the coffee as Jack stretched and yawned.

Jack ate his breakfast in silence and then demanded they go for a drive.

Owen bit his tongue when Jack made them drive in circles and then find a pub for lunch where he flirted with the bar staff and did his best to embarrass Owen.

When they returned to the barn Jack suggested another walk and dragged Owen out for another trek.

Owen sighed and kicked his shoes off at the door. He really hated the countryside and he really hated Jack. He knew the Captain was trying to make him crack and he was determined not to let it happen. He would give Jack a relaxing weekend if it killed him.

Jack took off his shoes and jacket leaving them where Owen would have to pick them up and put some music on. It opened on an upbeat swing tune and Jack grinned.

Before Owen knew what was happening Jack had grabbed him and danced them across the room. To the surprise of both of them Owen fit neatly under Jack’s shoulder.

It was a bit awkward as both tried to lead but Owen gave in and allowed Jack to propel him around the room. They ended on a spin which had Owen bumping right into Jack’s chest. They froze in place for a moment and then Owen pulled away.

“I’ll get dinner going,” he said turning away so Jack couldn’t see the blush on his face.

“I’m going to take a bath,” Jack said absently.

“Do you want me to run it for you?” Owen forced the image of a naked Jack out of his mind.

“Alright,” Jack grinned.

Owen was grateful for the respite from Jack’s presence. Even when he was hating the man Jack was so attractive it hurt. He grabbed the aromatherapy kit to add some oil to the bath and ruthlessly forced the thought of Jack’s oiled body out of his head.

Jack followed Owen up the stairs in time to see the other man lean over the claw foot bath and add something to the water. He had noticed in passing before that Owen had a nice tight body. Bent over the tub it was even more defined and Jack watched appreciatively.

Owen jumped and swore when he felt Jack brush up against him. Turning around he was blocked by Jack’s chest and forced to look up into those laughing blue eyes.

That was when he realised Jack was naked. “Back up and you can have your damn bath,” he said proud that he managed to speak without squeaking.

“Thanks,” Jack said leaning over him to turn the water off and forcing him to bend backwards almost into the tub.

He twisted around and slipped out from under Jack, equal parts pleased and disappointed when Jack didn’t stop him.

Jack sank into the perfectly heated bath and sniffed appreciatively at the sandalwood oil Owen had poured in. He hadn’t expected Owen to take him quite so seriously about the peace and quiet for a week and had been almost dreading the next few days. He wasn’t used to not doing anything but now he had the perfect distraction, seducing Owen.

When he had recruited Owen for Torchwood Three he had flirted with the good doctor as a matter of course. Owen had responded enough for Jack to guess gender wasn’t an issue but their personalities had clashed pretty quickly and when Owen had shown interest in Suzie Jack had backed off. Now he wondered if he should have pursued it more and maybe Owen’s meltdown wouldn’t have been so dramatic.

Anyway, at least it would pass the time and give Jack a chance to nurture the other side of Owen’s passionate nature.

Owen cursed Jack Harkness as he sucked on another burned finger. The man had rattled him so much he was dropping things. Jack wasn’t supposed to flirt with him. Jack flirted with Gwen and Ianto and occasionally Tosh, but not him. Not since he had first started with Torchwood Three. Sure they had done the whole shooting lesson game but Jack played that with everyone.

Owen had been perfectly happy for Jack not to flirt with him. He found the Captain far too disconcerting to have to deal with flirting as well, especially now after the whole shooting and killing him thing.

Why Jack had decided to turn the charm back on Owen didn’t know, but he guessed it was because Jack enjoyed tormenting him. Well he was going to survive this week, give Jack a restful time as ordered and then things could get back to normal. Which they never would if Jack kept looking at him like he was dessert at a diet club meeting.

Owen began to question his sanity again when Jack came down the stairs wearing jeans and a blue tee shirt and smelling of sandalwood.

Dinner was surprisingly pleasant as Jack went out of his way to enjoy everything Owen had cooked and constantly refilled both their wine glasses.

Afterwards they relaxed on the sofa with Glen Miller playing in the background. Owen should have realised Jack was up to something but he was too relaxed and let his guard down.

“Dance with me again,” Jack said suddenly. He was sitting right next to Owen and Owen didn’t know when he had gotten there. Jack was looking straight into his eyes without any mockery and Owen was pinned.

“I’m not a bloody woman you know,” he managed.

“I am very much aware of that,” Jack said with a smile, “and I still want to dance with you.”

“Fine,” Owen huffed and let Jack pull him off the sofa.

It wasn’t the jazzy number Jack had danced him around the room on earlier and Owen moved stiffly in Jack’s arms trying to adjust to being led. He knew he should have picked another scent for the bath. Maybe lavender to remind him of old aunties rather than sandalwood that had him thinking of silk sheets and incense and being pinned to the bed by Jack’s body.

It was nice dancing with Owen Jack was surprised to realise. The other man had rhythm and, once he adapted to Jack leading, followed easily.

Jack knew he hadn’t looked after Owen very well since the doctor joined the team. Owen had seemed to bounce back from anything and resistant to people getting close. Jack hadn’t realised how fragile he was until that terrible day when Jack fired him and later stared down the barrel of a gun held just the way Jack had taught him.

The sparks of genius and humanity had been what Jack had been drawn to when he recruited Owen, but the prickly personality had kept him at bay after the required shooting lessons.

Now however, he could just be persuaded to see where it led them.

Jack danced Owen back to the sofa, hand lingering on the small of his back just long enough so that when they sat down it was still there. Owen jumped forward slightly and picked up the wine as cover.

“Another drink?” he asked Jack. Jack smiled and shook his head, moving his hand casually to the back of the sofa. “So, what do you want to do tomorrow and could it please not involve ridiculous amounts of walking?”

“I want to go horse riding,” Jack answered cheerfully.

“You what?”

“I want to go horse riding,” Jack repeated. “I noticed there’s a trekking place down the road.”

“Great…” Owen let his head fall onto the back of the sofa, “horse riding. I’m going to bed now; will you try and get some sleep?”

Jack let his hand trail across Owen’s neck casually as the other man went to stand. “Yes mother,” he said with a grin.

“Can I get you anything else before I go?” Owen asked.

“Just one thing.” Jack cupped Owen’s neck and pulled him off balance so that he fell back allowing Jack to kiss him quickly. “Sleep tight,” Jack said with a grin as he stood Owen upright again.

Owen didn’t know whether to punch or kiss the smug look off Jack’s face so he just turned on his heel and went to bed. It wasn’t his best sleep by a long shot. He was horny and didn’t want to beat off with Jack in the other room and definitely didn’t want Jack to think the kiss had affected him that much.

So he tossed and turned until it subsided enough to sleep. Then his dreams involved too much of Jack’s flesh to be restful.

Jack dozed quite happily feeling more relaxed than he had since finding the Doctor. Given the right motivation Owen certainly came through. Jack made a mental note to encourage more such behaviour from him.

Day Three

Jack made no mention of the kiss the next day gleefully dragging Owen off to the horse trekking farm and picking out two horses for them. Jack’s mount was a lively chestnut stallion. He had turned down a gelding with several suggestive comments about only riding real men much to Owen’s annoyance. Owen’s horse was considerably older and staider much to Owen’s secret relief.

Owen and the horse came to an early agreement that it wouldn’t go faster than a walk and Owen wouldn’t attempt to steer it. Jack rode beside Owen for a while and then set off ahead with a grin. As expected Jack looked like he had been born in the saddle and Owen indulged in a few fantasies of the Captain getting thrown off the damn thing. Until he realised that instead of laughing at Jack he was tending the man’s injuries like some lovesick nurse.

When Jack finally joined him again Owen’s arse had lost all feeling and his thighs hurt and not for any fun reason. Jack picked up on Owen’s discomfort, possibly because of the stream of muttered swearing, and turned them for home.

Jack was flushed from the ride and his eyes were shining and Owen suddenly didn’t mind the aches and pains so much. The girls had been right about Jack, he had been exhausted and Owen realised he had never really seen the other man truly relax. It was nice to see the handsome face smiling without a shadow behind it, and nice to know he was responsible for the relaxation.

He changed his mind when he tried to get off the horse and the muscles in his legs locked.

“Fuck…” he tumbled into Jack’s arms.

“You only had to ask,” Jack said with a laugh, catching him.

“Horse riding was your bloody idea,” Owen growled pushing away.

“It was and I promise to make it better,” Jack grinned.

“Let’s just get back shall we?”

When they got back to the barn Jack let Owen collapse onto the sofa and ran a bath adding the same sandalwood oil Owen had used for him.

“Come on,” he said coming downstairs when it was ready.

“Piss off,” Owen said tiredly.

“A nice hot bath is what you need,” Jack said hauling him off the sofa.

Owen let Jack drag him up the stairs but protested when his clothes were tugged at. “I can undress myself okay,” he said batting away Jack’s hands.

Jack laughed and left him to it. Owen sank gratefully into the water letting the heat sink into his bones. To his surprise he could hear modern music playing. Jack must have found his CD’s at the back of the case he had stored the 1940’s stuff he’d bought for Jack to listen to. Even more surprising he could hear Jack singing along, he hadn’t thought the man was aware of anything after the 1940’s.

Just as the water began to cool Jack walked into the bathroom and woke Owen up. “Time to get up sleeping beauty.”

Holding out a towel Jack was the very model of a well trained butler, except for the peeking over the edge as Owen stepped out of the water. Owen pulled the towel around his body hating that Jack managed to make him blush again.

“What?” Owen glowered when Jack didn’t leave the room.

“Dry off and come on.” Jack grabbed a second towel and dropped it on Owen’s head.

Owen glared at Jack from under the towel knowing the effect was wasted. Once he was dry he tied the towel tightly around his waist and went into his room to find Jack waiting with more towels spread on the bed.

“Lie down,” Jack said, “if I don’t work those muscles you won’t be able to move tomorrow.”

Grudgingly Owen had to admit Jack was right. The bath had helped but he could feel his leg muscles tightening just from standing. He moved over to the bed and Jack whipped the towel off from around his waist.

“Oi,” Owen complained lying down quickly.

“Come on, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before,” Jack said.

“I don’t think you’ve seen me naked before,” Owen replied in a huff.

“You really don’t know how many cameras there are at the Hub do you?” Jack said warming up some oil in his hands. “You and Gwen were not very discrete at times you know.”

“And you’re a voyeuristic pervert,” Owen said and then groaned with pleasure as Jack’s hands spread across his back and kneaded the tight muscles there. “You can be whatever you like if you promise to never stop…” Owen added as Jack found all the tight spots.

“What if I wanted to be your lover?” Jack asked casually moving his hands down to Owen’s hips.

“Right now I’d probably let you,” Owen admitted, “any other time I’d tell you to keep it in your pants until you got back to Ianto.” He winced as Jack pressed particularly hard on a knot.

“Ianto isn’t here,” Jack said, “and our relationship isn’t any of your business.”

“It is if you’re seducing me.”

“I didn’t think you minded about how many were in a relationship.”

“Maybe I do when it comes to you.”

“Really, it matters that much to you?”

“Shut up Harkness and don’t sound so smug.”

Jack chuckled and started to knead Owen’s buttocks. Owen moaned into the pillow as Jack worked down his legs and then returned to his bum. He cursed his big mouth that admitted more than he wanted to tell Jack. Then he cursed his traitorous member, who didn’t care what he thought about Jack and just liked the firm fingers on his flesh.

Jack straddled his legs and returned to massaging his back leaning in so close that Owen could feel soft puffs of air on his neck. Why couldn’t Jack have kept being annoying and bossy, why did he have to turn the charm on? Owen had been happy to ignore his feelings for Jack and now he wasn’t sure he could anymore.

“Turn over,” Jack whispered in Owen’s ear when the other man was completely relaxed under his hands.

“No,” Owen said. He knew Jack would comment on the erection he had and he didn’t want to deal with it.

“Please?” Jack’s breath tickled on his skin.

“No,” Owen repeated, “you’re not seeing the rest of me naked.”

He felt Jack climb off him but not leave the room. Instead he could hear the rustling of clothes and then Jack was back on top of him, naked this time.

“Now we’re even will you turn over?” Jack had straddled his legs but left Owen enough room to turn if he wanted to.

Owen felt the brush of Jack’s erection on his hip. He knew Jack could get turned on by damn near anything but it was not something he expected to feel.

Taking a deep breath Owen rolled over. Jack placed his hands on either side of Owen’s shoulders and leaned in close.

“I’m going to kiss you,” Jack said to the suddenly breathless Owen.

“Are you waiting for an engraved invitation?”

Jack laughed at Owen’s irritation and kissed it away.

Jack was as good a kisser as Owen knew he would be. Leading the kiss but not dominating it, letting Owen explore at his own pace but slowly deepening it, bringing tongues into play and sucking his lower lip gently.

Owen was very much aware of Jack’s erection pressing against his as they kissed. It felt heavy and warm and very hard. He didn’t know if he was aroused or worried about what he knew was going to happen. It was going to happen, they had both come too far now to stop.

The kissing was good though, hell the kissing was great. Realising he wasn’t really participating that much Owen let his hands explore what he could reach of Jack. Never had he been as aware of Jack’s bulk as with the man blanketing him.

Strong broad shoulders that had held him while he sobbed his regret now flexed under his hands and he could feel goose bumps rising where he lightly dragged his fingernails.

The mouth that had played a part in many unacknowledged fantasies was now doing sinful things to his throat and pulling embarrassingly needy sounds from him.

He blessed the slickness the oil as Jack’s hand slipped down his body, avoiding his groin and pushing his legs further apart to tease gently at his entrance. He’d done it before, with men, but not enough to feel anything but nervous as Jack’s finger breached him.

“Okay?” Jack asked feeling the tension in his body.

He nodded, “just get on with it.”

“Very romantic,” Jack said laughing softly, but he did as he was told carefully adding fingers and stretching Owen.

Owen pulled Jack in for a kiss to distract from the discomfort and to stop his mind from overanalysing what was happening. It felt good and it was Jack, nothing else mattered.

Jack felt the last of the tension leave Owen’s body, except for the pleasurable tension that was so much more attractive. Regretfully Jack pulled back from the kiss and grabbed blindly for the oil to coat his own shaft.

Before Owen could tense up again Jack lifted his hips up and pumped three fingers into him.

Positioning his head Jack pulled his fingers free and pushed it past the tight ring of muscle.

Owen hissed at the burn but moved up to meet Jack and take more of him inside.

Jack kept pushing until he was completely seated inside Owen and he could lean in for another kiss. Slowly under the kiss Owen relaxed around Jack and he started to move.

Their bodies still tightly pressed together Jack’s strokes couldn’t go very deep but they were both too wrapped up in the sensations to worry. Owen’s fingers bit in deeply into Jack’s hips urging him on while Jack’s kisses devoured them both.

Jack moved his kisses down Owen’s neck and chest. Owen let his head drop and arched up as Jack’s mouth found a nipple and suckled it until he was practically screaming.

Both were too aroused to last and when Jack felt Owen tighten around him and warmth spread across his belly it was enough to send him spiralling over the edge.

Slowly Owen relaxed his death grip on Jack’s hips and Jack kissed his way back up to the flushed lips.

“You’re heavy,” Owen said as they kissed lazily.

Jack laughed and pulled out carefully, using the crumpled towels to clean them up quickly. Throwing them aside he pulled the covers over them both and moved around so that Owen was half draped over his body.

“You’re not,” Jack said kissing Owen again.

Owen let Jack move him around and then snuggled down. “What happens now?” he asked Jack’s chest.

“Now I think we get some rest.” Jack kissed the top of his head, “and then we spend the rest of the week in bed.”

“And at the end of the week?”

“We go back to work. You don’t muck up as badly again, I don’t yell at you as much and you stop acting like a whipped puppy.”

Owen nipped at Jack’s nipple, “I do not act like a whipped puppy.”

“Alright,” Jack squirmed, “maybe not quite, but I miss your spark.”

“I killed you.”

“And I forgave you.”

“You left us.”

“And I came back. Can you forgive me for that?”

“I can forgive you anything you prat.”

“Then we spend the rest of the week in bed and take things as they come when we get back.”

Coming Home

When they walked into the Hub Ianto smiled and held out his hand to the girls who both groaned and handed over their bets.

Owen was careful not to stand too close to Jack as they were peppered with questions about where they had been and what they had done. Jack grinned at the questions and pulled Owen close dropping a kiss on the top of his head.

“Owen kept me relaxed and well entertained as ordered,” he said with a grin.

“Jack!” Gwen said half amused and half horrified at the suggestion.

“You didn’t?” Tosh said, “You did!” she added at Owen’s blush.

Ianto smirked and held out his hand again.

“I don’t believe it,” Gwen said handing over more money.

“You bet on us…” Owen asked in shock.

“The girls might not have noticed,” Ianto said with another smirk as he counted his winnings, “but it was obvious if you looked.”

“Right people,” Jack interrupted, “I want reports and then Ianto’s buying.”

The team laughed and filled Jack in on what had happened while they were away.

Could it be happy ever after?

Well Jack didn’t yell as much, Owen didn’t fuck up as much and the team carried on as usual.

It’s the twenty first century and you’ve got to be ready but nobody should have to do it alone.


9. The Texan's Business Proposition

It was an assignment she couldn't refuse. Ultra capable assistant Sally Gregg had to take care of her boss for one week. No phones. No computers. No stress. Not an easy task considering Vince Donnelly was a workaholic-a tyrant she had little use for outside the office.

Then the business tycoon decided seducing his secretary would be the ultimate way to pass the time….
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