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Prompt 26 - A Most Unconventional Courtship

Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Word Count: 4535
Summary: See prompt below...
Prompt: A Most Unconventional Courtship

Benedict Casper Chancellor, Earl of Blakeney, is the kind of elegantly conservative English lord that Alessa despises. She wants nothing to do with him-even if he is shaped like a Greek statue come to life! But the maddening man seems determined to wrest her away from her comfortable life in beautiful Corfu. Worse, he'll return her to the bosom of her stuffy family.

The Earl hasn't anticipated Alessa's propensity to get herself into a scrape. Now, in order to rescue her, this highly conventional Englishman will have to turn pirate!

The Torchwood version of A Most Unconventional Courtship...

A/N: Er. More plot/character etc than was expected for a Harlequin... Less of the smush, but I tried...

Prompt 1, Fic: The Night We Met

Title: The Night We Met
Rating: R, possbily bordering on NC-17
Spoilers: None really.
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Summary: Ianto still remembers the night he met Jack.
Disclaimer: No mine, I'm not making any money from this.
Author's Notes: Major league AU guys!!! Totally and utterly AU, it is as AU as you can get I'm afraid! This is written for the Harelquin Challange, was meant to have been posted many weeks ago but I forgot! It isn't my usual thing that I write, it is totally different. Although you know, cookies to who can spot one reference that was made by Jack in the episode Utopia! Again major league AU guys!!! Because the fic is pretty long LJ won't post it in one part, so it's become a two parter sorry guys!

Part 1 here

Part 2 here 
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Prompt 7

Title: The Brides of the Sheikh.
Author: ceefax_the_sane
Rating: 12ish.
Pairing: Ianto/Toshiko, Ianto/Jack, (Jack/Rose)
Warning: Some violent bits. Some kissings.
Word count: 14100
Summary: AU. Jack's the ruler of a little desert penisula known as Bho-Shiyn, where Ianto arrives looking for a clue to his past...
Excerpt: Ianto got something of a shock as he and the driver finally retreated from the fierce Bho-Shiyn sun into the sand-coloured palace and he set eyes on the man who came forward to meet them. *But that's completely impossible,* he thought, slipping his fingers into his pocket and touching the photograph...

Part One.
Part Two.
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The Proposition - Jack/Owen

I didn't mean to be first to post, but here you go.
It's romance season.

The Proposition

Author: Lilithangel

Website: www.livejournal.com/users/lilithbint

Fandom: Torchwood

Characters: Jack/Owen

Genre: harlequin romance

Rating/Warnings: for a Mature audience contains m/m sexual situations and bad language (it's Owen after all).

Summary: for the tw_harlequin challenge (the prompt I chose is at the end).

Jack’s back things are as back to normal as Torchwood can get. Jack is run down and tired from the year that never was and when Owen does something else to drive him crazy Jack decides he needs a break and Owen should be the one to ensure it happens. Jack expected to be amused by how Owen dealt with it he didn’t expect to be bored.

Owen had coped surprisingly well with Jack’s disappearance and assuming the mantle of leadership. When Jack orders him to organise a week’s break making him responsible for everything he decides it is time to prove to Jack that he is capable. He just didn’t expect Jack to decide that seducing him was the best way to relax.

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Claiming Round One

Hi, all, and welcome to the prompt claiming!!

*throws confetti*

Behind the cut tag there are SEVENTY TWO cheeseball, schmoopy, purple, stupidly AWESOME Harlequin prompts ripe for the picking. Please follow these few simple rules when claiming, and all will be well.

1. Comment with the prompt number and title you are choosing. You don't have to include the summary, though you can if you want to. The most important pieces of info though are the prompt number and title.

Also, I will assume you're doing fic unless you tell me differently. So if you're doing art, just drop that in your comment.

2. Wait for my confirmation comment saying that you got it, and then you're good to go.

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(no subject)

A Harlequin Challenge, as you probably have guessed, is a challenge where all the fics written for it will be based on a schmoopy Harlequin romance book. (The Marriage Bed! Family Secrets! The Matchmaker!) You will write your Torchwood fic based on these schmoopy, romancy, cliche kind of ideas, and everyone in fandom will then EXPLODE with glee.

For older titles, where there is no summary available, you will be able to write whatever fic you want based on the title alone. For other titles where we *do* have the summary, the summary will be included and you can use *either* just the title, *or* the title plus summary provided for your story, whichever you choose.

Some general, basic info for the challenge is as follows:

- All fics must be at least 3000 words in length

- All fics must include at LEAST two Torchwood characters. You can then pair them up with whoever you like, cross them with whatever other character or actor strikes your fancy, I dont care, but at least one of the main people needs to be one of the team. Feel free to root through Wikipedia if you want to use one of the one-shot characters (Mary, Swanson, Eugene...)

- All fics are acceptable - slash, het, gen, whatever you can come up with.

- Art/vids, etc can be done as well.

Dates I'm looking at for this are:

Prompts open for claiming next Saturday (6th October) and will close two weeks after, on the 20th October.

Fics and/or art will be due from 1st November onwards, and you have until the 20th December to post your work!

One prompt per person. Art people can double up on a claimed prompt (i.e., one fic and one piece of art per prompt). If you get overeager and finish your fic and/or art before the first of November you can come back and choose a second from whatever prompts are left unclaimed. Once a prompt is selected when the post goes live, it is off the market unless *all* prompts get claimed, and then we can look at doubling up.

Sound good? If there are any questions, comments, or concerns please drop me a note in this post.

(Huge thank you to estrella30, from whom I have shamelessly lifted these rules, and the thousands of prompts she's come up with, wonderful thing that she is.)
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Hi, and welcome to the Torchwood Harlequin Fic community! Inspired by both the Stargate:Atlantis and the Supernatural Harlequin fic challenges, I decided it was about time Torchwood had a go.

So, stay tuned for the prompts, and let the cracktastic AUs begin.